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Topic subject19. Dance as a Way of Knowing by Jennifer Donohue Zakka...
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461, 19. Dance as a Way of Knowing by Jennifer Donohue Zakka...
Posted by alissaameth, Wed Mar-10-10 03:11 PM
Education, 138 pages.

This is the last installment I'll be reading in the "...as a Way of Knowing" series--I don't know if there are any others or not. It was a well-written book and both inspired me with the educational value of dance (which I didn't recognize before) and gave me some concrete examples and ideas. I'm not sure the material was organized in the best way, though. The drama book defined one "branch" of drama and then outlined its developmental stages within a chapter all about that branch. So, one chapter was about pantomime and another about improvisation.

This book had three chapters of developmental stages (natural, creative and aesthetic) and traced each of the "branches" of dance within those stages. On the one hand that might be good when I know where my kids are developmentally, but it'll make it hard to go back and find a specific part that I remember reading. For instance, what I read about children's appreciation of the qualities of energies might be found in one of three chapters. I think the problem with organizing it by developmental level is that it assumes that kids are all at the same level in all the same elements of dance, which isn't going to happen unless it's a small, homogeneous group.

On the whole, though, it was a good book. The chapter about planning lessons (chapter 6) was particularly useful.