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Topic subject13. And Sarah Laughed by John H. Otwell
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339, 13. And Sarah Laughed by John H. Otwell
Posted by alissaameth, Fri Feb-12-10 07:00 PM
Religion, 194 pages.

The full title of this book is: And Sarah Laughed: The Status of Women in the Old Testament. The author's aim was to look at every mention of women in the Old Testament and "re-evaluate" their status. He comes to the conclusion that, contrary to the picture many people/scholars have, women were highly regarded and as valued as men were. I thought a lot of his arguments were very insightful and made a lot of sense to me, although a few of them seemed like a stretch or based on too little evidence. (Of course, I haven't read all the material he cites, so I'm probably missing part of the picture he's looking at.)

Each chapter dealt with one "aspect" of womanhood by first presenting textual examples of that aspect of women and then the author's interpretation. For instance, the first chapter was about creation. The second was about sexual attraction. Other chapters included motherhood, widowhood and so on. It is written in a very academic, detached style that doesn't get into any kind of religious debate. (Well, it is offering a thesis that women were respected, but it never reads like a diatribe.) While it is written in an academic manner, it isn't dry or boring. I won't claim that the author is unbiased, but he does seem to approach the material with a level head.

I recommend it!