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Topic subject10. Music as a Way of Knowing by Nick Page
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318, 10. Music as a Way of Knowing by Nick Page
Posted by alissaameth, Mon Feb-08-10 09:23 PM
Education, 76 pages.

This book is part of a series published by Stenhouse. I'm almost done reading "Visual Arts as a Way of Knowing," and will soon be reading one about Dance and one about Drama. The focus of this series is how regular classroom teachers can incorporate the arts into their classroom. Each book in the series is written by a different author. (The book about Visual Arts is written very well--I'll be reviewing that one later.)

This author, Nick Page, seems to be very inspired about his teaching of music, but I feel that most of this short book is fluff. (I was disappointed by this. I'm a musician, so I was hoping for a better treatment of one of my favorite subjects.) The fluff is the repetition about how good music is for your brain. He does offer some very good concrete tips and examples, so I'm not completely dissing it. I guess it just left me wanting more on the subject: both breadth and depth. (Especially after reading the Visual Arts one, which made me want to draw! And I don't even like drawing much.)