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Topic subjectRE: Spacepirate's Book Bonanza
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90, RE: Spacepirate's Book Bonanza
Posted by Spacepirate, Thu Jan-07-10 10:33 AM
>Night watch is the first of four books,
>written by a Russian author. I'll hunt up
>the book and let you know, in the
>It is also a movie, though I have not seen
>the movie over here.
>Now i have to get the other three for him,
>and get the other son reading anything.

It's cool, I'll just google it.

I understand about the "son and the reading", my little brother is an avid hater of any kind of fiction. Which to me, is probably just about the worst thing that can happen. Gone were the times where I could force him to read XD

Another random question, are you on twitter? Cause on the FM writer list, there's a purple person called CatrinPitt. I'm guessing it's you, but just to make sure :P