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85, RE: Spacepirate's Book Bonanza
Posted by Spacepirate, Wed Jan-06-10 11:28 AM
>What did you think of Polini's third book
>(and the previous two)?
>One of my sons is an avid reader of them,
>to the exclusion of all others - until the
>next one was published. Most frustrating
>for a mother and an avid reader. I have
>cured him of that - not waiting another
>two years for the forth book - by buyng
>him Night Watch. which he read in an

Personally I thought they were brilliant, but I'm easily amused by dragons and elves. Your son has good choice in books :P

Actually, I thought that as the cycle progresses they get better and better. Although I must admit the second book took a little dipping, as I wanted to skip some of the more boring parts.

No, but it's a good cycle. Although I haven't heard of Night Watch. I'll look out for it, if it's anything like The Inheritance Cycle...

*makes a mental note to read Night Watch*