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Topic subjectSpacepirate's Book Bonanza
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55, Spacepirate's Book Bonanza
Posted by Spacepirate, Mon Jan-04-10 12:18 PM
Well, firstly sorry for the cringe worthy subject name. Following the crowd.

I don't know whether I should include YA books or not? But since I'm practically a YA, I think they count.

Going for the 50 book challenge, don't know whether I will have time this year. Oh well...

Note: I plan to read books of a fantastic list of "1001 Books To Read Before You Die", which is in fact massive. Just google it if you want to find the list, and if anyone wants a good spreadsheet that can chart it then message me or something... I'll try to find the site later.

Note2: Some of these are anthologies of short stories, which might be short but I plan to make it up by reading more novels, so perhaps 55 or so books?

Note3: For some special books, I'll write a little summary/review thing... If I can be bothered.


1. The Kite Runner: Khaled Hosseini

2. Brisingr: Christopher Paolini

3. Sum: David Eagleman

4. Men Without Woman: Ernest Hemingway

5. The Catcher in the Rye: J.D Salinger

6. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie: Muriel Sparks