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Topic subjectA Civil Contract by Georgette Heyer
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1050, A Civil Contract by Georgette Heyer
Posted by tianne, Tue Nov-02-10 04:16 PM
This is one of the most admired of her novels, and I remember really liking its "anti-romantic" tone and multiple secondary pairings the first time, but this time around I spent a lot of time wanting to clobber the hypersensitive, oh-so-noble male lead, when I think Heyer instead wanted us to simultaneously feel sorry for him and be indulgently disapproving of his more uptight moments. I also didn't get the vibe that his wife was getting all that fulfilling of a life out of this situation: yeah, she apparently enjoys the domestic organizational stuff, and the motherhood stuff...so Heyer says. But she didn't really manage to sell me on it this time.