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Topic subjectAll the Windwracked Stars
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864, All the Windwracked Stars
Posted by dabrownofmn, Wed Jul-07-10 12:04 PM
Genre: Science Fiction (Nordic steampunk?)

This is an end of the world storyline about the last immortals to survive Ragnorak. Overall I liked this one, and I'd go so far as to say it is the best written book I've read from Bear. The story moves at a slow pace with lots of character development. The main character, Muire, is a coward, and prone to emotionally debasing herself-- and then she gets up and does heroic deeds. There are few if any loose threads (something that annoys me with Bear's other books). The other books in the series are By the Mountain Bound and The Sea Thy Mistress (unpublished). I look forward to reading those as well, mostly because I want to know more about Muire, but also because the world building is so cool (the reason I keep reading Bear's stories).

ETA: Be forewarned that the story relies heavily on Scandinavian mythology and culture. I think it possible to enjoy the book without knowledge of Scandinavia, but I have studied this topic heavily so I can't say for sure. Bear does take creative liberties on mythologies, by the way.