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Topic subjectFiddler Fair
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699, Fiddler Fair
Posted by dabrownofmn, Fri May-07-10 05:10 PM
Genre: Short Stories

This is a collection of short stories written from the late eighties to the mid nineties. In the introduction, Lackey notes that some of these stories are rough around the edges, but she included them anyway as a sort of lesson in writing. "Fiddler Fair" itself has an interesting character in an good story, but the pace stumbles after the conflict is resolved and the denouement drags on for too long. It's easy to like Martis and Lyran in the stories "Balance" and "Dragon's Teeth", but Lackey seemed to have over-used her thesaurus and the POV of both stories could have been tightened. The stories that worked for me were "Dance Track", "Dumb Feast", and "Small Print". These stories best represent Lackey's talent to create strong characters and memorable conflicts. "Last Rights" is a fun parable on animal rights.