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Topic subjectA Game of Thrones
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621, A Game of Thrones
Posted by dabrownofmn, Sun Apr-11-10 10:10 PM
Genre: Fantasy

Martin's books have been on my "to read" list for awhile. "A Game of Thrones" is the first book of A Song of Ice and Fire. There are several thread, plots, and counter plots in this book. Most of the action focuses on the Stark family. Lord Eddard Stark is chosen by the king to a high office. When he arrives at the king's court, Stark discovers a number of secrets that eventually lead to war. It is hard to summarize this book without spoiling the plot. If you like complex political intrique, this book is for you. The setting is heavily medieval, magic hardly plays any role in the story until near the end.

This is a very brutal, gory, and tragic story. One of the main characters is wrongfully beheaded. A lot of characters, both major and minor, die. Many of the deaths are outright sadistic or at least gruesome.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and all of its characters, all of whom were surprising in some way or another. People I thought were purely villians turned out to be more than what they seemed. Overall, this was a satisfying read.

EDIT: As an aside, this book contains one of the best battle scenes I have ever read. Catelyn Stark is with the northern army when they attack an opposing force. From on top a hill, Catelyn sees the villian knight's armor gleam through the trees, then she closes her eyes and the entire battle is witnessed with her ears. A marvelous scene, and the most memorable of the whole book for me.