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555, Dust
Posted by dabrownofmn, Thu Apr-01-10 02:31 PM
Genre: Science Fiction

This is a strange book-- a mixture of SF and Fantasy. There are knights, angels, peasants, and kingdoms. But the story takes place entirely on a generational starship that is "shipwreaked" near a dying pair of stars. The characters are engaging if not occasionaly emotionally unattached to each other. Perceval and Rien are half sisters. At the beginnning of the book, Rien is taking care of Perceval, who has been captured and is awaiting execution. Rien saves her, they escape and the two go on a quest to save the world. On the way they fall in love with each other.

The world-building is wickedly cool, which is what kept me engaged. Sometimes the plot hangs in mid-air and some of the revelations/epiphanies seem random. The lesbian relationship between Perceval and Rien falls flat, so if you're looking for a good lesbian SF try something else (good luck with that, and let me know if there are any good ones out there).

If you like SF/F or just plain awesome world-building, this book is worth reading.