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Topic subjectSweet Everlasting
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280, Sweet Everlasting
Posted by dabrownofmn, Thu Feb-04-10 08:54 PM
Genre: Romance

I started reading this in December, just recently finished it. I was disappointed in most of the romance novels I had been reading, this one was a pleasant surprise. The story is set in the early 1900's in a small Pennsylvania town where Dr. Tyler Wilkes recently set up a medical practice. He meets Carrie Wiggins, a young lady who does not talk. Carrie's reason for not talking is not terribly surprising, but Gaffney manages to turn what could have been a flat cliched character into a mulit-dimensional personality. Tyler is equally complex and interesting, and his relationships with other characters are just as nuanced as his relationship with Carrie.

I generally don't care for omniscient narrators and head hopping, but Gaffney is very skilled with both. Most of the head hopping happens during sex scenes, which might irritate some people. I didn't mind this so much, because Gaffney is talented at getting underneath the characters' skins and showing emotions. Overall, this was a satisfying read, and I plan to read more of Gaffney's work in the near future.