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Topic subjectReview: Majestic Island Worlds
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738, Review: Majestic Island Worlds
Posted by zette, Tue May-25-10 11:24 PM
Majestic Island Worlds (National Geographic Society)

I wanted a quick look at island life to help me create a good feel for some scenes in a current novel. This book proved to be a quick, pleasant read -- and a reminder of the vast diversity of islands there are in the world. Even from the few samples presented, the variety of lifestyles, climate and animal life proved fascinating and astounding.

And, being a National Geographic book meant the photography was breathtaking, of course.

Each section was written and photographed by different people. The islands visited were:





New Zealand


It turned out that the last provided the best 'feel' for what I wanted, along with exceptional photography of the area.

At less than 200 pages, and much of that photography, this is a fast read, and yet provides a wonderful quick overview of the areas with enough discussion of the different peoples and cultures that it proved to be a fascinating introduction to many of the islands, and a great jumping off point to go find more information.

I recommend this book for both researchers looking for info (and pictures) and armchair travelers.