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Topic subjectbpratt's 2010 Reading List
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11, bpratt's 2010 Reading List
Posted by bpratt, Fri Jan-01-10 08:07 PM
I am aiming for 25 but hope for more!
143, RE: bpratt's 2010 Reading List
Posted by bpratt, Thu Jan-14-10 11:54 AM
#1 Suite Scarlette by Maureen Johnson free ebook available until the 15th!
202, RE: bpratt's 2010 Reading List
Posted by bpratt, Sun Jan-24-10 03:44 PM
#2 Songs of a Humpback Whale by Jodi Picoult
272, RE: bpratt's 2010 Reading List
Posted by bpratt, Wed Feb-03-10 08:45 PM
#3 Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult
314, RE: bpratt's 2010 Reading List
Posted by bpratt, Mon Feb-08-10 05:04 PM
#4 The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
322, RE: bpratt's 2010 Reading List
Posted by Raethin, Tue Feb-09-10 02:41 PM
Nice choice of books. I am a fan of both Jodi Picoult and Alice Sebold. :3
323, RE: bpratt's 2010 Reading List
Posted by bpratt, Tue Feb-09-10 07:19 PM
A creative writing teacher turned me on to Jodi. I like how "real" the situations are in the books I've read.
394, RE: bpratt's 2010 Reading List
Posted by bpratt, Tue Feb-23-10 04:32 PM
#5 Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult
420, RE: bpratt's 2010 Reading List
Posted by bpratt, Sat Feb-27-10 07:50 PM
#6: I am not a cop by Richard Belzer
500, #7
Posted by bpratt, Fri Mar-19-10 11:45 PM
#7 The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson
512, #8
Posted by bpratt, Tue Mar-23-10 08:58 PM
The Rising by LaHaye and Jenkins
539, #9
Posted by bpratt, Mon Mar-29-10 12:44 PM
The Regime by LaHaye/Jenkins
623, #10
Posted by bpratt, Mon Apr-12-10 01:42 PM
The Rapture by LaHaye/Jenkins
669, #11
Posted by bpratt, Mon Apr-26-10 11:44 AM
Left Behind by LaHaye/Jenkins

Notice a patern here?
670, #12
Posted by bpratt, Mon Apr-26-10 11:45 AM
Tribulation Force by LaHaye/Jenkins
697, #13
Posted by bpratt, Thu May-06-10 04:35 PM
Nicolae by LaHaye/Jenkins
701, #14
Posted by bpratt, Sun May-09-10 12:17 PM
Soul Harvest by LaHaye/Jenkins
714, #15
Posted by bpratt, Thu May-13-10 12:52 PM
Appollyon by LaHaye/Jenkins
740, #16
Posted by bpratt, Wed May-26-10 03:31 PM
Assassins by LaHaye/Jenkins
805, #17
Posted by bpratt, Sat Jun-12-10 11:27 PM
The Indwelling by LaHaye/Jenkins
837, #18
Posted by bpratt, Sat Jun-26-10 02:00 PM
The Mark by LaHaye/Jenkins

Only 5 more books to go then moving on to some Jodi Picoult!
847, #19
Posted by bpratt, Wed Jun-30-10 01:46 PM
The Desecration by LaHaye/Jenkins
878, #20
Posted by bpratt, Sun Jul-11-10 07:57 PM
The Remnant by LaHaye/Jenkins
892, #21
Posted by bpratt, Thu Jul-22-10 05:11 PM
Armageddon by LaHaye/Jenkins
912, #22
Posted by bpratt, Fri Jul-30-10 01:57 PM
Glorious Appearing by LaHaye/Jenkins
926, #23
Posted by bpratt, Tue Aug-03-10 11:22 PM
Kingdom Come by LaHaye/Jenkins

Finally done with all 16 books!!!!!
947, #24
Posted by bpratt, Tue Aug-17-10 04:04 PM
This is Not A Game by Walter John Williams
950, #25
Posted by bpratt, Sat Aug-21-10 03:30 PM
I made it!!!!!

Boy Toy by Barry Lyga
959, #26
Posted by bpratt, Thu Aug-26-10 04:15 PM
Hero Type by Barry Lyga
984, #27
Posted by bpratt, Wed Sep-01-10 03:43 PM
Girl at Sea by Maureen Johnson
990, #28
Posted by bpratt, Sun Sep-05-10 12:41 AM
Looking for Alaska by John Green
996, #29
Posted by bpratt, Sat Sep-11-10 09:45 PM
Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult
1013, #30
Posted by bpratt, Sat Sep-25-10 02:53 PM
The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult
1018, #31
Posted by bpratt, Wed Sep-29-10 02:17 PM
giving up the V by Serena Robar
1031, #32
Posted by bpratt, Sat Oct-09-10 02:15 PM
Hawkes Harbor by S.E. Hinton
1066, RE: bpratt's 2010 Reading List
Posted by bpratt, Thu Nov-18-10 10:37 AM
I have been busy with nano this month. In the middle of two books I need to get finished. Still hanging in here. I passed my original goal. I had hoped to surprise myself and read 50 but 32 so far is good!
1068, RE: bpratt's 2010 Reading List
Posted by Erin_M_H, Thu Nov-18-10 12:36 PM
You've passed your goal, which is excellent. Enjoy the two books!

-- Erin
1117, #33
Posted by bpratt, Sun Dec-19-10 11:59 PM
Finally finished Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince by JK Rowling

Will I be able to finish the Deathly Hallows in time?
1118, #34
Posted by bpratt, Mon Dec-20-10 12:00 AM
Several short stories by Eliza, my friend's daughter.

She is very gifted at age 15 and I have been trying to encourage her and help her rewrite several different things. I think this counts as one "book".
1126, #35
Posted by bpratt, Fri Dec-31-10 10:09 AM
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling

I am about 90% done so I am counting this one a 2010 book. I hope there is a challenge for 2011. I received lots of books for Christmas!