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Topic subjectDean Koontz -- "Frankenstein: Dead and Alive"
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822, Dean Koontz -- "Frankenstein: Dead and Alive"
Posted by ellelassiter, Tue Jun-22-10 12:28 PM
Read March 10th. 0 out of 5 stars on the Elle Scale.

I'd hoped the flaws in the first two books were due to Koontz farming out the responsibility for writing them to other, lesser known writers, but that's not it. Third verse, same as the first...

I like to learn something about the world from each book I read, and here's what I got from the Frankenstein series: Koontz is a best seller and obviously what he does is what people want, so there's no point in me ever seeking publication because I have no interest in this sort of writing. Lesson learned, pens and pencils put away.