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Topic subjectEllsea's exploits
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76, Ellsea's exploits
Posted by Ellsea, Sat Dec-13-08 05:15 PM

- I've written over 100 short stories
- I've sold 5 stories (all flash fiction)
- I've written 7 novels
- I've had 5 rejections for Anneth

- I've given over 100 crits

- I've done the odd dare and marathon . . .

Song of the Talisman Trilogy
Anneth (will get this final version on the rounds in 2009)
The Sorrow of War (first draft complete)
The Shattered Lands (first draft complete)

Lest Ye Be Judged (first draft complete)
The Storyteller of Akal (first draft complete)

The Serpent of Colchis - edit complete, awaiting crit & polish, sub package. Will aim to get it out on the rounds early 2010.
Disconnection (rewrite in progress: target April 2009)

Contain This Hour - reviving, in re-planning phase, writing starts end Q2

A story A every other Week (doesn't have as nice a ring to it, but is achievable!)
77, RE: Ellsea's exploits
Posted by Wanu, Sat Dec-13-08 06:34 PM
Stick your articles in!

You've sold loads, tout it!

(bracing myself, btw, on BPS - I can take both barrels of your expertise, I'll recover, but I have no allusions).
83, RE: Ellsea's exploits
Posted by Ellsea, Mon Dec-15-08 06:03 PM
hmmm - not sure 3 counts as loads!!!!

I promise I'll be gentle with you on BPS. I *can* do both objective and constructive (well, I do try . . . ;) )
78, RE: Ellsea's exploits
Posted by RavenCorbie, Sat Dec-13-08 08:13 PM
Wonderful! You have a lot of great works in progress, there!
84, RE: Ellsea's exploits
Posted by ezimachia, Tue Dec-16-08 11:31 AM
Excellent! That's some nice history there! Thanks for sharing!
97, March update
Posted by Ellsea, Fri Mar-06-09 06:22 PM

-Short story published in Flash Magazine

-Completion of major edit rework of 'Serpent of Colchis' - within deadline!

- Contain this Hour mutated away from what it was, and lit my fire again. Almost ready to start writing again on it. April Fool, I think, or maybe May Flies?

-Short-storying and submission cycle has rather fallen by the wayside, I need to get that back on track.