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52, Wanu's Wonderstuff
Posted by Wanu, Sun Nov-30-08 10:29 PM

- Using an Outline to Edit Workshop Completion

- Hook, Line & Sinker Workshop Completion

- Grammar Workshop Completion

- Over 25 Stories Completed

- Second Story Sold

- 100th Crit Given

Wanu WIPs

Critiqued and awaiting Final Edit:

Currently Being Critiqued at The Novel Club:


Take a Risk, short, urban fable, published 02/11/07 by Espresso Fiction.

some adult lit (mini novel)... *cough cough* details witheld! Clever pseudonym used.

Golden Nuts, short, humor, published 01/12/08 by From the Asylum.

Critique: Pitfalls, Spikes and Ropes Pt I (beginners), article, Vision: a Resource for Writers, Jan 2009.
Critique: Pitfalls, Spikes and Ropes Pt II (intermediate), due to appear in Vision, March 2009.
Critique: Pitfalls, Spikes and Ropes Pt III (advanced), due to appear in Vision, May 2009.

The Happy Hamster, short, bizarre/fun/humor, due to appear in Yippee Magazine, March 2009


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fight reviews, previews and fighter profiles for a fast growing MMA website.

Article Bundles for Workforce GDP.

Eulogy examples for an e-book.

Personalised Rejections:

The Secret of Success (long version of Golden Nuts), humor
The Box of Ultimate Intelligence, humor
Carbide Reflections, sci-fi
To Catch Secrets, fantasy
Not to Reason Why, urban fantasy
Target Acquired, erm... urban violence