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26, Teri's Triumphs
Posted by tamsandstedt, Tue Aug-26-08 06:19 AM
General Information


Completed novels
Pretender to the Throne - fantasy; edited and under submission
The Semi-Civil War - prequel to Pretender; first draft
Vedrie - book one of the Tangled Prophesies; first draft
Heroes - comic fantasy; first draft

Classes and workshops


2YN Participation

Siren Call

Aditi and Tayib's story

27, RE: Teri's Triumphs
Posted by ezimachia, Tue Aug-26-08 09:15 AM
That's a pretty nice history! Thanks for sharing!
71, RE: Teri's Triumphs
Posted by Erin_M_H, Fri Dec-05-08 12:32 PM
Wow, you're serious about workshops! :teeth:

Great bunch of credits, Teri!
73, RE: Teri's Triumphs
Posted by tamsandstedt, Fri Dec-05-08 01:49 PM
Yep :laugh: I missed the first one, and fell into a slump after the first week of the sixth, which lasted through the seventh, otherwise I'd've done 'em all. I'm still slightly miffed I haven't managed to do the second half of the grammar one.

Oh, and taking a proper look at it again, I see an extra pip slipped in (the links have very similar addresses), so it wasn't as many as it looked.

72, RE: Teri's Triumphs
Posted by RavenCorbie, Fri Dec-05-08 01:41 PM
Very nice progress! And like Erin, I'm particularly impressed with all the workshops. Great job!