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Topic subjectAnalog story is out.
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162, Analog story is out.
Posted by Justinvs, Fri Dec-24-10 02:27 PM
My story Ghosts come Home is on-sale in the new issue of Analog! And, I've even found an on-line review posted:


"Ghosts Come Home" (novellette)
by Justin Stanchfield

"This one had a very interesting premise. In the future, humanity is so far-flung that morality about things like genetic engineering and slavery becomes very flexible. The main character in this story is a former slave, bred to be a pilot. His genes have been altered not only to increase his skills, but also to make certain he falls in love with a specific woman - ideally to make sure the two of them breed superior pilot children. Sometime during his childhood, his owners are forced to sell him and his "mate" to different owners, as they have gone bankrupt. In this story, the two meet again nearly 20 years later, when both are involved with other people, and the protagonist a soon-to-be-father. A real solid closer."
163, RE: Analog story is out.
Posted by zette, Tue Jul-27-10 04:43 PM
That's great! I'm emailing Russ to grab me a copy as soon as he can -- he's in Maine. I'm stuck in Nebraska with the closest bookstore in another state. LOL

164, RE: Analog story is out.
Posted by magic seeker, Tue Jul-27-10 07:57 PM
Wow! Great review! Congrats!!! :cheers:
165, RE: Analog story is out.
Posted by LordMotte, Wed Jul-28-10 12:58 AM
Congrats! And a great review too!
166, RE: Analog story is out.
Posted by MarFisk, Wed Jul-28-10 07:15 PM
Ooh, sounds like a great story. I've got a subscriptions, so I should get it soon :).
177, RE: Analog story is out.
Posted by Drex, Fri Dec-24-10 09:57 AM
That's wonderful! Your story sounds cool!
179, RE: Analog story is out.
Posted by Sundog, Sat Dec-25-10 11:21 AM
Congratulations and nice work! :D