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Topic subjectCarter's Creations
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16, Carter's Creations
Posted by arrvee, Thu Aug-14-08 02:22 PM

"Why Do You Write That Crap?" The Necessity of Horror
Done to Undeath
If the Front Door is Closed, Try the Window
Short Story Submission and the Death of Trees
Studies in Lines and Shadows: Character Development in Short Stories

I write:

I have given at least 10 crits
I have completed at least 10 short stories
I have sold at least 5 short stories:
Windows to the Soul -- Nocturnal Ooze
Real Monsters -- The Harrow
Rounding the Cape -- The Harrow
A Time to Every Purpose -- A Fly in Amber
Garlic Chicken -- soon to be published in AlienSkin

I have received at least 100 rejections
More than one article in Vision (see above)

Severe Literary Masochist -- I look for crits that tell me what's wrong so I can fix it
17, RE: Carter's Creations
Posted by Erin_M_H, Thu Aug-14-08 09:38 PM
Nice credits, Carter!

-- Erin
18, RE: Carter's Creations
Posted by ezimachia, Fri Aug-15-08 01:09 AM
That's a nice bit of history there, Carter! Thanks for sharing!
19, Thanks, y'all!!
Posted by arrvee, Sat Aug-16-08 08:40 AM
And thanks for starting this forum. It's a really good way for us to remind ourselves that we are making progress after all and to see how far we have come.
20, RE: Thanks, y'all!!
Posted by ezimachia, Sat Aug-16-08 09:56 AM
You're very welcome! *nod* Sometimes when I'm feeling low, it helps put me in a better mood to see what all I've done. And that was really the main idea behind it--not to show off to everyone else (although sometimes that can be uplifting to get feedback on it too), but to have a place where I can go to look at my history. Glad you've found it useful!