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130, Melissa's Journey
Posted by Zarine808, Sat Nov-28-09 09:35 PM
Hello! Thanks for coming to my little corner in the world!

Since I'm not so new now, I thought I should update this a bit...


I'm now a member of the 2YN 2010-2011 and will be working towards my first novel with this course. There's no title yet, but in everything I have for it, I've been referencing it as the 6 Wielders.
And if I'm not careful, I may find myself with a series on hand.


Write my novel within the next year. Even if it's only the first draft.


Generally, I will be writing in these genres and formats

Writing Style

This is how I plan to write my first novel! Once I get through the outline I'll let you know how else I prefer write.

Personal Achievements:

I have written 10 Poems
I have written 1 Short Story


2010 Monthly Challenges

Well, this is it for now. I'll let you know how the first novel is going!
-Melissa W

Edited April 1, 2010