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9794, Bad site member...
Posted by NinjaFingers, Thu Sep-06-12 04:59 PM
...is me. Horribly inactive and, more than that, horribly not sharing. Actually, I got into a mode of being afraid to hype stuff in case it didn't happen, and then I got busy and...the upshot is I haven't told you guys ANY of my good news.

Which makes me a really bad site member, although anyone who reads my blog knows some of it.

So, here we go:

1. I've been hired by QEW Comics to script a graphic novel, Stripped, which should see print release some time in 2013.

2. My science fiction novel, Transpecial, has been taken up by Musa Publishing with a scheduled release as an ebook late 2013.

3. My short story, 'The Skeptic', has been purchased...

...by ANALOG.

See? I'm a TERRIBLE site member.


"I find some sanity on the written page. Where life is worth more than a living wage" - Melissa Etheridge