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Topic subjectI'm vlogging
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9789, I'm vlogging
Posted by David Bridger, Mon Sep-03-12 06:05 AM
I had so many second thoughts about this I nearly buried it without showing anyone. Still recovering from my last surgery (losing all my beautiful teeth to infected shrapnel holes in my jawbone) while waiting for the next surgery (exploratory in my stomach) in a few days, and I look every bit as sick and crippled as I am. But I want to build a bigger relationship with my readers and I hope this helps me do that.

I plan to publish a 2-or-3-minute video every Monday. The learning curve is steep! :D

Anyhow, here's the first one. My heart is pounding just posting it here.

9790, RE: I'm vlogging
Posted by Erin_M_H, Mon Sep-03-12 09:23 AM
You are a brave soul, David! Good luck with the vlogging!

-- Erin
9791, RE: I'm vlogging
Posted by David Bridger, Mon Sep-03-12 11:40 AM
Thank you, Erin. :)
9792, RE: I'm vlogging
Posted by bonniers, Mon Sep-03-12 12:25 PM
Good luck with your new venture, David! Hugs on the physical ailments and I hope all the intervention helps in the long run.
9793, RE: I'm vlogging
Posted by David Bridger, Mon Sep-03-12 12:56 PM
Thanks, Bonnie. I was skeered but knew I had to start somewhere, and I'm glad I bit the bullet because several readers have left lovely comments on the video today. :)