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9778, New Job!
Posted by RavenCorbie, Wed Jul-04-12 12:44 AM
I've been applying for and having interviews for teaching jobs now that I finally have finished my teacher education program. There were times when I didn't think I would get a job, but other times when I thought I would. I guess that's probably normal. The main clue that something was going right is that I got a lot of interviews. I was having interviews almost once a week, and one week (last week), I even had two interviews.

I finally have a job! A teaching job, I mean (I had a job before this, just not in teaching).

I'm so excited. This is a full time high school English position at a Classical Education charter school. I am simply amazed that they picked me, because they're really a great school. I would have thought they would want someone with more experience.

I start next Monday for new teacher training for one week, then there's a week of teacher training for ALL teachers (not just new teachers) after that, and the first day of school is July 23. I'm a little overwhelmed, but really excited.

There's so much support and it's such a positive place. I'm really looking forward to it.

And . . . no more applications!