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Topic subjectOn The Road Progress Report
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91625, On The Road Progress Report
Posted by Dreamerscove, Wed Sep-26-12 09:33 AM
As those of you in chat know, I'm currently on the road. As I missed getting on chat last night while most were on, I thought I would post my updates here in the forum.

The first day of travel went really well. Low traffic, and the morning started with beautiful scenery (Yes, I took more pictures!). We ended up in Laramie, WY right at sunset, but because of the high altitude and the fact we couldn't sleep with the generator on, we choose to keep going.

Even though we didn't intend to drive so long, we managed to get through Denver in the mid-to-late evening (yay, no going through it in daylight traffic!) and pushed out the east side. We were going to do our long day today, but we did it last night, resulting in driving 638 miles in about 12 hours.

Not bad!

Anyway, the drive continues. Everyone here have fun and I'll check in again tonight!
91626, RE: On The Road Progress Report
Posted by maripat, Wed Sep-26-12 09:44 AM
heh...I know exactly where you're at. And you're very lucky to get through easily. Good luck and safe travels.

91627, RE: On The Road Progress Report
Posted by Erin_M_H, Wed Sep-26-12 10:29 AM
Lovely drive! I love long trips. :)


-- Erin
91628, Flexibility is the Key to Travel
Posted by jschara, Wed Sep-26-12 11:44 AM
(modified from the Air Force saying, "Flexibility is the key to airpower," which I'm sure was modified from something else, because, well, flexibility is the key to life, it seems.)

Sounds like a great travel day. Get your rest and have another good one today.

We'll be hitting the road next week ourselves for a couple of weeks.
91629, Update!
Posted by Dreamerscove, Thu Sep-27-12 05:49 PM
A new update!

Next day we made it into central Kansas, clocking in a bit over 400 miles. Right into hot and muggy weather, and despite passing several accidents (that's a stress we didn't need).

As of this morning we arrived at our destination (also hot and muggy) to a new set of problems. But, at least the problems aren't with the vehicles (so far). I figure we travelled over 1200 miles in around 52 hours.

Now it's time to rest up. Yaaaawwwwnnnnnn.
91630, RE: Update!
Posted by Erin_M_H, Thu Sep-27-12 06:26 PM
Congrats on the arrival, hugs on the hot and muggy, and good luck with the resting!

-- Erin
91631, RE: Update!
Posted by Dreamerscove, Thu Sep-27-12 07:17 PM
Thank you. :smiley:
91635, RE: Update!
Posted by gilroy, Mon Oct-01-12 11:32 AM
Half way to the East Coast! :>

You and Patricia Wrede aren't traveling together, are you? She's blogging about the same thing right now.

Glad to hear of safe travels.
91636, RE: Update!
Posted by Dreamerscove, Mon Oct-01-12 12:06 PM
I don't know who Patricia Wrede is, so I can safely say we were not traveling together. :tongue:

I'm very happy to have the traveling done for a while. We are now parked for the next few months.