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Topic subjectYa go looking...
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91556, Ya go looking...
Posted by Weird Jim, Sat Sep-15-12 12:30 PM
...and ya never know whose name will turn up.

I'm still pursuing my search of trying to find out how strong leaders come about. They are few and far between, and at times the most unlikely people. Strong leaders will include those who lead gangs etc. What makes people follow?

After finding that leaders are often not nice people, I got to wondering if real leaders of this kind translate well into fictional leaders. Will readers accept a leader who has some unpleasant traits?

During my search I found a list of traits and went to the site, being a bit lazy and not wanting to do all that work of searching and creating a list of traits for myself.

And look who this poster's favourite instructor is.


Weird Jim

"Good reading is the only test of good writing"
Robertson Davies. A voice from the attic 1960