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Topic subjectRE: Two Questions About Controversial Works
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91554, RE: Two Questions About Controversial Works
Posted by KatsInCommand, Fri Sep-14-12 02:44 PM
First, although I think I've resolved this in In my case, I think what I've written will prove more powerful, more effective, when things are calmer. And I don't see any point in pouring gasoline on a fire that's already burning quite well without me.)

In the case of this poem, it is the issue itself that I fear would make it so explosive, not the fact that I've tried to be offensive. But I do not, and cannot, see things from every possible perspective. But how do you go about finding someone to evaluate your work from that angle?

Honestly, by the time things roll over to so speak, the information and people might be more readily available. It sounds like this is one of those things that had to be written now, and saved for later. Not super helpful, but patience on the research might be your best bet.

There are many more people willing to talk about for instance 9/11 now, than 11 years ago. We still have fanatics on both sides, and then the rational people in the middle. You find them through blogs and online communities, through published articles, etc.

Use your library database resources and see if that can bring up information. Otherwise, wait until things blow over and let the rational people come out of the woodwork.