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91550, RE: Two Questions About Controversial Works
Posted by Wandering Author, Thu Sep-13-12 11:30 PM
I've just recalled an immigrant from Germany that I heard on a talk radio show one time. He said, "HItler gave me my first pair of boots when I was twelve. I loved Hitler!" The impression he gave was that he had made a mistake.

I understand there were people who supported Hitler who weren't evil. And someone like that, I have no problem with.

In my case, though, I was born with a condition (ocular albinism) that would have caused the Nazis to declare me "unfit". No matter what else they did, there's nothing like knowing someone wants to kill you to keep you from falling for their line... ;)

Actually, I was born with two conditions that would have marked me for death under the Nazis - but since I only became aware of the second one after I was fifty, I can't claim that one would have kept me from believing them - although it would have probably got me the "anti-social" tag as well...

As for people who did believe it, as I say, I do understand there were Nazis who were not pure evil. But their beliefs are another story.

If you really want to find somebody then go to Forum X, find a discussion and look for a likely person. Then send a private message.
But why do you want to insult? That's where trouble starts.

I thought I'd been clearer than that. I don't want to insult, or at least, not where I'm not actually intending to. Say this poem had been written about Nazi Germany - my goal would be to make my loathing of Hitler clear, without picking on the poor twelve year old kid without boots. (Yes, I do understand he'd still have hated me, because I insulted his hero. There is still a difference, at least in my mind.) But in this case, I don't know the culture well enough to have any idea if I'm offering offense where none is meant.