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91549, RE: Two Questions About Controversial Works
Posted by Weird Jim, Thu Sep-13-12 10:46 PM
I'm pretty sure I never would have supported the Nazis.

I've just recalled an immigrant from Germany that I heard on a talk radio show one time. He said, "HItler gave me my first pair of boots when I was twelve. I loved Hitler!" The impression he gave was that he had made a mistake.

Many Red Guards in China loved Mao Zedung. Many apparently just went along. There's a Chinese movie To Live that gives an interesting glance at the life of a Red Guard (sub titles, unfortunately).

Or you might see if you can get hold of a copy of Wild Swans by Jung Chang. One time she was a Red Guard and loved Mao but now hates his gut.

We are who we are now. I'm a believer in mixed nurture/nature for character formation. I'm pretty sure I would never have become a criminal, but the society I lived in prior to WW2 would have put pressure on me. What if you had a wife and child and their welfare depended on your belonging to the Nazi Party (The National Socialst Worker's Party) to hold a job?

If you really want to find somebody then go to Forum X, find a discussion and look for a likely person. Then send a private message.
But why do you want to insult? That's where trouble starts.
Weird Jim

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