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91078, RE: No such thing as perfect
Posted by Chevaliersg, Wed Jul-04-12 01:32 AM
Saying I edit once was kind of confusing, wasn't it?

I go through three drafts: The discovery draft, what I call the "real story" draft and the spelling/grammar draft.

The discovery draft is not the story. It's a collection of ideas that will be the story. I don't edit spelling or grammar here. It's a waste of time since this isn't got to be seen by anyone (and if it is they must not be allowed to escape to tell the others).

The second draft is the story. All the parts get rearranged and put into the structure of a novel, short story or novella. Sometimes it has extra parts. Two hearts, two heads, sometimes more toes and fingers than is recommended in the "Mad Scientists Guide to Creating Life or It's Alive! It's Alive).

At this point you should know that Burroughs, Gibson and Dent didn't do a second draft. Often they just wrote a story chapter by chapter and "edited" on the fly. Not recommended.

The third draft isn't really a draft. It's the second draft.

Here, my creation goes through surgery. This is known as the harrowing process of amputating unnecessary body parts from your child's anatomy without taking out their vital organs.

Once is enough.

I do not use spell check. Spell check has betrayed me too much with it's inability to tell the difference between synonyms an antonyms.

In the course of editing for spelling and language there is always the temptation to go back and change the story. That's why I spend a lot of time in discovery draft working out what works and what doesn't. Time is precious to me so I do not spend the time I sometimes should. I have to get it up and running and move on to caring for Sarah and making sure the daily duties (her's included since she's now bedridden) are done.

I've got a method. It doesn't always produce the results I'm aiming toward.

I've finished papering the walls with rejections now working on the ceiling.

Maybe my method needs some tweaking or the stories I'm writing are not as good as I think they are.

I can't contemplate that because I don't have the time to do so.

I just keep pitching. Like the quote by Tina Fey in the article: "The show doesn't go on because it's finished; it goes on because it's 11:30pm."

BTW, I have time on my hands right now since Sarah is at a new hospital where they're running tests on her back to see they can operate safely.

I couldn't go since the cats can't be left alone (Sarah's youngest having moved in with his girlfriend) and someone needs to feed them and keep the house tidy.

If I didn't have writing, I'd go mad.

Life without honor is life led in vain;

Rem tene; verba sequentur (Grasp the subject; the words will come)