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91056, RE: No such thing as perfect
Posted by bonniers, Sun Jul-01-12 09:57 AM
In that case, for at least my own writing, I'd have to flatly disagree. It's all but impossible to see prose flaws and infelicities except in critical mode.

I recommend Ted Cheney's Getting the Words Right for anybody who thinks working on one's prose automatically kills the life, or that critical mode is opposed to creative mode. It might not be right for any particular writer's process, but it shows how editing can enhance creativity rather than fight with it.

Yeah, critical mode can get out of hand, but the trick is to find a balance. It's not to throw critical mode out the window. It sounds like DWS has found a balance for himself by integrating into the writing phase the kinds of things I do afterward; if I tried to do that, I'd kill the growth of the idea. (I picture it as attacking a newly sprouted seedling withhoe and fertilizer and killing it with kindess :teeth:)