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91055, RE: No such thing as perfect
Posted by RavenCorbie, Sat Jun-30-12 11:23 PM
That's how I took it, too -- that it's more a warning against trying to continually rewrite the story based on feedback than it is against all rewriting/revision. I have read some of Dean's posts on rewriting, and he makes it sound like he doesn't do any revision at all, but buried in some of the comments, he admits that he's constantly changing things as he writes, and does his writing in waves, changing major story stuff when needed (in other words, in Zette's Basher vs. Swooper analogy, he's a Basher). He just doesn't like the idea of trying to make the prose better, and does warn against the idea of endless rewrites. But if you're doing your rewriting while in the drafting/creative mode rather than the critical mode, he thinks it's perfectly fine. I think that's what Kris is getting at, too: don't try to "fix" your writing while in critical voice, but it's fine to make changes that make the story better while you're writing it, whether that happens in one draft or two.

I agree though, as someone who has pretty horrid first drafts, it's really hard to see when it's ready.