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Topic subjectRE: No such thing as perfect
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91045, RE: No such thing as perfect
Posted by Weird Jim, Sat Jun-30-12 04:12 PM
She makes a good point, but my critique of her would be that she's wordy.

However, doing research for a story project I downloaded some Sherlock Holmes. The first story in the package was Silver Blaze which is the 'Dog in the night' story.

The thing that struck me was that Watson must have had photographic memory, or whatever.
How did he manage to recall, withoout interupt, some three pages of Holmes' summary of the case? Needs explanation. :)

I did write more, but it went a bit obliquely off subject so I deleted it.

I do know that I've often wondered how such and such got past the editors.

Now I may have the answer.

Weird Jim

"Good reading is the only test of good writing"
Robertson Davies. A voice from the attic 1960