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Topic subjectRIP Ray Bradbury
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90937, RIP Ray Bradbury
Posted by Wandering Author, Wed Jun-06-12 11:53 AM
The lost Martian civilisation is gone from us forever, its last traces vanished, the mind that envisioned it extinguished. :( Only words on a page remain to hint at the glories and wonders of that world.

I'm compelled to add, I really want to rant and spit and scream and swear. He was unique, his voice like no other. Not just The Martian Chronicles, but Dandelion Wine, Something Wicked This Way Comes... I could go on and on. This feels a lot like the day I heard Heinlein was dead. There is something about knowing you will never have the chance to discover another new book by an author you love that is tragic and overwhelming, at least to me.
90938, say it aint so!
Posted by KatsInCommand, Wed Jun-06-12 12:00 PM
I just found out a few minutes ago.. I'm super sad that we lost someone so dedicated to his art... but he lived the life so many of us want. He loved what he did all day long...

90939, RE: say it aint so!
Posted by magic seeker, Wed Jun-06-12 12:06 PM
I agree. But 91 is a good long life - may I last so well so long!

RIP, Ray.
90940, RE: RIP Ray Bradbury
Posted by Chevaliersg, Wed Jun-06-12 05:56 PM
If you will allow me, WA, I will go on and on. This was one of our national treasures. Nay, a gift to the world.

He was as much a mentor to me (though we never met) as any teacher I had in high school or professor in college.

The Martian Chronicles are his living testament to what man can be. What we can accomplish and what we may encounter "out there".

For me, the Toynbee Convector spoke loudest. Sometimes mankind needs to believe in a myth more than in fact.

I would say may he rest in peace, but this is Bradbury. I have a feeling he will influence us more now than he did in the 91 years of a long, much appreciated life.

Hail and farewell, mentor, teacher and friend.

Life without honor is life led in vain;

Rem tene; verba sequentur (Grasp the subject; the words will come)

90943, RE: RIP Ray Bradbury
Posted by zette, Sat Jun-09-12 02:01 PM
Bradbury was one of my favorite short story authors. I've spent the last few days considering how influential he was in the genre.

Maybe this isn't a time to rejoice in the fact we still have his voice in so many wonderful works. He might have been a bricklayer instead. He might have worked for the post office and dreamed stories he never wrote. Celebrate that he achieved his dream and still shares it with us.