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Topic subjectRE: Fighting off wolves
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90922, RE: Fighting off wolves
Posted by Justinvs, Tue May-29-12 01:22 AM
The problem with an ax is that while you raise your arms to slash you are vulnerable. Also, wolves being extremely fast and agile, it is easy for them to dodge a falling axe, and when that happens your momentum will carry you once again into a vulnerable position, this time bent forward and off balanced. By the time you recover to take a second swing, one of the other pack members has already circled you and gone for your heels. Classic pack hunting is for one wolf to distract by fainting toward the head and giving ground, while the other members attack from the flank or try to hamstring the prey with a bite to the ankle. Quite honestly, by the time you're facing a hungry bunch of wolves with noting but hand arms, you might as well slather yourself in butter and jelly because you are toast. <G>