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90912, RE: Fighting off wolves
Posted by Weird Jim, Sat May-26-12 12:41 PM
Thanks for the input, everybody.

Maybe I didn't word things well enough.

Yes, fire would keep them at bay for a while, but wolves apparently do not give up and fire goes out. There would need to be some killing. Spears and swords often wound without killing, and I imagine wolves are used to carrying on when wounded as I imagine this happens often when they fight. The best idea is the axe. A woodsman's axe is an ideal weapon. The axehead would split skulls and work as a good club.

Thanks for the idea but feral/wild dogs wouldn't suit. The working title is WOLF. The MC is nurtured and raised by a she wolf. Other than that, dogs are easier to drive off than wolves. They may get bored and leave, so for them fire might be ideal.

I had a thought while thinking about the story. The Big Bad Human Eating wolf is more a European legend than a North American one. Do you think it possible that old world wolves are more inclined to this.

A side note that will have nothing to do with my story. All canids use the paws out front, head down pose to indicate wish to play. This includes coyotes, wolves and all manner of dogs on all continents.

Weird Jim

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Robertson Davies. A voice from the attic 1960