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Topic subjectRE: Fighting off wolves
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90902, RE: Fighting off wolves
Posted by CatrinP, Thu May-24-12 02:45 AM
A club would do some damge, but to kill or minimum knock unconscious your aim woud have to be to the head, which of course is the most dangerous part of the wolf. And your would have to

I would prefer something longer and sharper; sword for its double edge, spear for the length, an axe, or a halberd. the length to keep the danger end of the wolf from me and something sharp to wound, because however deep a wound is eventually that wound will weaken the animal and the more wounds you can inflict the faster it will weaken.

But the best weapon in the world and the ability to weld it effectively won't help if you are not in good terrain. I would prefer to be somewhere where I was protected on three sides.

Wolves are the masters of the hunt. They work together, wearing down their prey until on can go in for the attack. Even one wolf would be capable of bringing down an armed human, two would certainly be capable.

I'll have a look through my wolf research to see if I have anything that might help, but personally I wouldn't want to be pitted against a wolf no matter what weapons I had.