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Topic subjectFighting off wolves
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90899, Fighting off wolves
Posted by Weird Jim, Wed May-23-12 04:03 PM
Leaving off the use of firearms, what would be the best weapon to fight off a pack of ravenous wolves? (Of course, for dramatic reasons any other kind would not suit.) I'm thinking a nice, bulbous-headed club. A bow and arrow requires accuracy and a sword could wound but not disable. A hefty Scimitar might get stuck in a skull.

Then there is the size of the pack to consider. And I have heard that a pack of 'very' hungry wolves will turn to eat one of their own if it's killed. It's said they'd do that before going after the original prey.

What size is the average pack of wolves, anyway?

I'm thinking of some wolves for a story, and one of Saki's storied mentioned a group of four of them.

Weird Jim

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