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Topic subjectRE: Have you read any Hammett
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90758, RE: Have you read any Hammett
Posted by Chevaliersg, Wed Apr-25-12 12:09 AM
FYI JC and Jim: Dashiel Hammett was a private detective for a few years before he became a writer. Most of his characters are real life people who he encountered in the mean streets he often walked on his job. His biggest case was one where he investigated the theft of a ferris wheel (I don't have the details, but if someone can find them out I would certainly love to read about it). He and Raymond Chandler often collaborated as Private Eyes, but to my knowledge never collaborated on any written work.

My mom was a huge fan of Hammett, and wss not all that fond of the Thin Man series since they tended to stray away from the original, (though the first movie and book were rather faithful).

I'd start with Red Harvest since, IMHO it's his best work.

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