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90722, RE: The power of sentences
Posted by mooseythehut, Tue Apr-17-12 10:40 PM
Yeah I wasn't too crazy about the how-to articles on the site. They seem generic and not terribly useful. Case in point: she's providing style advice on making writing stronger, but then citing examples of writing style that successfully violate the advice. So umm yeah.

And to your question, Jim I think intentional redundancy for effect is fine. It's a style choice that, if used well, can be effective and awesome.

That's why I linked the other article about sentences. That was talking about how words, when used well, can be beautiful and amazing. And THAT is really what writing is- or should be- all about. It should be about creating something fantastic and moving and memorable with words. Not trying for some kind of technical mastery by following "tips and tricks."

I liked the fact the sentence article simply talked about what it's like to experience the creative process, rather than providing how-to advice: "Ten Tips to Develop Your Creative Process." It seems too many articles on writing I see are the latter rather than the former.

I don't want to bash all writing advice. There's value in some of it, but I wish more writing advice writers talked about why we're creating and what it's like to create rather than trying to give us the Magic Answer to How to Create Effectively, which usually ends up telling us nothing truly useful at all.

But I rant. Let me stop.


Everyone go read the sentence article on a day when you're wondering "why the heck am I doing this writing thing anyway?" or a day when you're thinking "am I even doing this writing thing right?" and even on a day when you're completely and fully thrilled with doing the writing thing.

It's good every now and then to put aside thinking about the How and remind ourselves of the Why.