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Topic subjectComing soon -- May's Story-A-Day (SAD) Challenge
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90698, Coming soon -- May's Story-A-Day (SAD) Challenge
Posted by zette, Fri Apr-13-12 07:37 PM
May is the month for one of the site's most popular challenges. Don't let the title fool you! When Holly Lisle began the dare, years ago, she imagined writing a short story every day, but soon realized that would not be easy for many people. We have kept the name, but the actual number of stories varies:

  1. Beginner Level: 5 stories ('My life is killing me already!' level)

  2. Apprentice Level: 10 stories ('I have a life' level)

  3. Journeyman Level: 15 stories ('I don't have much of a life' level)

  4. Master Level: 20 stories ('I have no life' level)

  5. Insane Level: 31 stories -- The real story a day! ('I have a time machine and know how to use it' level)

The forum for the challenge will open on May 1 and will have the usual list of story generators for those who care to use them. However, this year you can write anything you like and not use the generators at all. This means if you have some short story ideas in mind already, jot them down and get them ready. Like NaNo, you can do any amount of pre-work you like, as long as you don't actually begin the short stories themselves.

So prepare for it! There isn't too much longer before we begin!