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Topic subjectRE: Facebook asserts trademark on the word Book
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90624, RE: Facebook asserts trademark on the word Book
Posted by CatrinP, Thu Mar-29-12 06:18 AM
We had a case hee in Australia of MacDonalds trying to stop a tiny burger bar from using the name McDonald's Bugers.

Trouble is that Macca's had only just movd into the suburb and the Burger bar had been there for 20 plus years. McDonald was the name of the guy who started the burger bar and now his son ran the shop.

Needless to say sanity prevailed and Macca's had to suffer the indignity of having someone close by with a similar name running a similar store.

My point in relating this is that a big name company can be protective of thier name and product - they have every right to be; after all it is their business - but they don't alwyas get thier way.