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Topic subjectRE: Facebook asserts trademark on the word Book
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90562, RE: Facebook asserts trademark on the word Book
Posted by Erin_M_H, Sun Mar-25-12 07:59 AM
Trademarks only apply within limited frameworks. We didn't stop eating apples because Apple Records existed or because Apple Computers became so popular. We still eat apple pie, apple crumble, and apple pandowdy. The trademark ONLY applies to a brand in the specific sphere in which they are using it.

Similarly, we all still have walls in our home, contractors talk about specifications for walls they are building, and cartoonists do images of characters leaning on brick walls and talking to each other, although Facebook for quite a while has asserted a trademark for Wall in a social networking Website context.

Their assertion of trademark for Book is in precisely the same context. They fight against other social networking sites that include "Book" in their name, such as PlaceBook. That is the only claim they are making on the word, and the user agreement simply means that users will not use words like Poke, Wall, Book, and so on in a way that would infringe on Facebook's use of them as a social networking Website -- users will not create sites like Authorbook, Bookbook, Wallbook, or so forth, ANC will not call the individual pages on any site they might set up Walls.

This has really been blown out of proportion. They have a brand in a specified market, and they're trying to make sure it's not diluted.

-- Erin