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Posted by CathWren, Wed Feb-08-12 02:47 PM
I'd be interested in a short story workshop if it was held in a forum format as I'm totally intimidated by chat but would like the feedback rather than just a book for self study.


2YN2009 Novel:

Working Title: The Tarot Murders
FMC - Verity

Paranormal Mystery

Long blurb: Detective Joan Rivera takes a break from a stalled investigation to visit a local street fair where, on a whim,
she asks tarot reader Verity about her case. She is surprised when the reading suggests a new direction for the
investigation that leads to an arrest. Subsequent visits prove this not to be a fluke. She doesn't want to tell her
peers just where she is getting her "leads" but when she recognizes a crime scene as a recreation of a tarot
card, she realizes it is time to bring her friend out of the broom closet and into the investigation.