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Topic subjectRE: Who has NEVER written a short story but wants to learn?
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90206, RE: Who has NEVER written a short story but wants to learn?
Posted by jhmcmullen, Thu Dec-22-11 12:16 PM
I was in the shower the other morning and thought that it was pathetic that I was still half-heartedly trying to be a published writer after thirty years and more, and I'm producing less instead of more these days. This was especially poignant because the anniversary of my old theatre group is coming up, and weren't we all young and going to change the world back twenty-five years ago?

And then I figured, that's the wrong way to look at it. I had a profound experience six years ago that has altered the way I think (literally--I mean, they were stirring a spoon in my brain, and although the metal implement wasn't a spoon, the whole image is pretty accurate). So I figure the right way to look at it is that I've been trying this writing thing for less than six years.

Of course I have stuff to learn!

So I'm here to learn, or re-learn, and if I can help, that's good too.