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Happenings Around 
The Young Writer's Scene

by Vicki McElfresh

2002, Vicki McElfresh

We have announcements to make!

Newcomers to the Forward Motion Community who are under the age of 18 might not be aware that there is board just for them.  The Young Writer's board features discussions, crit circles, and activities especially geared towards younger writers.  There are some exciting things starting to happen at the Young Writer's Scene, and we hope that those in this age group will join us

Three new junior moderators have been added to help initiate ideas and offer assistance to other folks who find their way to the Young Writers' Section.  Julia Pass, Ernst-Jan Heinsz, and Nathan Garrod have all been doing a wonderful job of coming up with new ideas and offering a helping hand.   I'm looking forward to working with all three of them to develop and expand this area of Forward Motion

In addition to the new moderators, there are some interesting activities going on.  Currently, the Young Writers' Round Robin is well under way.   The round robin, titled  A Fate Worse Than Being a Boy, is being written a paragraph at a time by several members of the YWS.  At the moment, there are eight people signed up.  Our goal is to complete a short story of at least 1000 words. 

The crit circle also shows a resurgence of interest after being neglected for a time.  There are five active members at the moment and there are more who have expressed an interest in joining.   If you have material that you would like to have critiqued by people your own age, this is the place to go!

Another feature of YWS that isn't so new is the novel workshop, which was started last year as a forum to discuss difficulties in novel writing.  The workshop features sections for world-building, characterization, plotting, and submission.  This is one feature of the board I hope to see active again in the coming months.

The Young Writers' Board gives younger writers a chance to work with their peers on material that is of interest to them.  All writers eighteen and below are welcome and encouraged to join the board.  The more who join, the more fun we'll have!

I'm very excited by all the new things happening around YWS, and I hope to see more new faces on the board soon.   I hope you come over and join the fun!