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Lazette Gifford, Editor

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Issue # 8: 03/01/02


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From Holly
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Editor's Note
Finding Inspiration

Holly's Workshop
The Description Workshop

Vera Nazarian

Theme Articles

Show And Tell: How to Write Realistic Young Child Characters 
By S.L. Viehl

Women, Men, Families and Fiction 
By Kay House and Justin Stanchfield

The Perils of Cardboard 
By Ruth Pischke

Exploiting Your Character's Parental Bond 
By Shane P. Carr 

Dare You Write About Your Family? 
By Robert A. Sloan

Heroes Have Families? 
By Francine M. Seal

Where Have All the Families Gone? 
By Valerie Serdy

Children Are Characters Too 
By Andi Ward

Blood is Thicker Than Water 
By Bryn Neuenschwander


Genre Articles

Fantasy Movies and the Star Wars Effect
 By Forward Motion Community Members

Introduction to Horror Part 2: Plot and Character in Horror Fiction 
By Teresa Hopper

Reflections of Starlight
By Nic Bronson

But Is It Romance? 
By Lazette Gifford

Science Fiction: 
Axial Tilt and Other Things 
By Bob Billing

YA & Children: 
Writing Mysteries for Children's Magazines
By Ron Brown

Young Writers: 
Welcome to Young Writers Scene

Vicki McElfresh


Advanced Writing

Piracy on the High Bandwidth
By John Savage, Esq.

Review Articles

Book Review:
Goal, Motivation and Conflict by Debra Dixon
Reviewed by Andi Ward

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