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Discovering Forward Motion

By June Robertson

2002, By June Robertson

As a writer, I'm more a solitary than a social person.  Still, the need to share with others who love the same things I do can't be denied.  It's nice to have a place to go where people will cheer for my successes and put their heads together to find a solution to the challenges that arise with every manuscript. 

Early in the spring of 2001, I found myself in real need of this kind of support.  I was planning a new novel and really wanted some writers to talk to while I worked on it.  The Internet is the first place I looked -- it's as close as my office computer, always there, and I don't have to worry about the weather when I go there.  I found a lot of different communities.  Some offered detailed systems for critique.  Others offered news.  Some were in email list-serves, others on web sites, and still others in newsgroups.  But Holly Lisle's Forward Motion was the most comprehensive and easiest to navigate that I found.  Here's where I decided to hang out for a while. 

What I discovered was the true community I'd been looking for.  I could get answers to my research questions as well as market news.  I could nearly always find someone to cheer or commiserate with in chat.  There were classes as well, and fun things to do to spur myself on when I felt that dreaded writer's block coming on. 

But most of all, what I found were friends -- friends who were also writers.  These are the people to whom I run to announce my successes and cry over my failures.  Home is where my husband, my son, my dogs and cats are, and that's great.  Still, home without community can be lonely.  Forward Motion has become my virtual community, my extended family.  I love it here. 


Sometimes the hardest thing isn't writing the story or book, but summoning the courage to send it out into the world.  In the hope of encouraging our members to submit their work, Forward Motion is running The Great Rejection/Acceptance Challenge Rules are simple:


  • Short story rejection - 1 point

  • Short story acceptance - 2 points

  • Poem rejection - .5

  • Poem acceptance - 1

  • Novellete rejection - 2

  • Novellette accept - 4

  • Novel rejection - 5

  • Novel acceptance - 10


The Contest runs until midnight 31 December, 02 and is updated as quickly as Moderator Justin Stanchfield can type!  Sign up and play at: 


Unfreeze the creative juices this year by trying your hand at something new.  Forward Motion will tackle a new genre every month.  January's genrewas 'Twisted High Fantasy' -- don't know what that is?  Don't know if you can write it?  See what it's all about at:


These on-line journals give a glimpse into the exciting, painful, frustrating, joyous, and uplifting day-to-day lives of writers.  Come and see what our writers are saying about their writing journeys.



We've had some fun surveys in December and January.  Among the latest is a discussion of our Vision theme for February/March -- what about families in fiction?  Burning the Midnight Oil -- most of our writers seem to be night owls!  Come by and participate in the community surveys.  You may learn something new about yourself as a writer -- or just get a chuckle over how the rest of us 'do it'.



Moderator Jennifer St. Clair Bush brought this to Forward Motion.  See if you can do it!