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Lazette Gifford, Editor

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Issue # 7: 01/01/02


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From Holly
Happy New Year

Editor's Note
Time to Start All Over Again...

Holly's Workshop

Burn It, Bury It, Let It Live


Esther Friesner

Theme Articles

Walking the Double Path
By Justin Stanchfield

Write Like a Damsel
By Valerie Serdy

Toad Love
by Alison Sinclair

Serious Writing
By Jim Mills

Finding the Right Day Job
By Karen Pon

Whistling in the Dark
By Robert A. Sloan

The College Hobby
By Bryn Neuenschwander

Taking the Dream Seriously
By Jennifer St. Clair Bush

Epublishing as the Middle Ground
By Lazette Gifford

Genre Articles

The Numberless Hordes 
by C.E. Petit

Horses for Writers: Just the Basics
By Mary K. Wilson

What Is Horror Fiction?
By Teresa Hopper

Poetry Resolutions for the New Year
By Jennifer St. Clair Bush

Headhopping, Authorial Intrusion, 
and Shocked Expressions

By Anne M. Marble

Science Fiction:
Letters from a Better World
By Bob Billing

Suspense & Mystery:
Maintaining Suspense When Using the Criminal POV
By Ron Brown

Young Writers: 
The Rocky Road to Becoming a Writer

Vicki McElfresh

Advanced Writing

Financial Boot Camp
by S.L. Viehl

Setting Reasonable Goals
By Lazette Gifford

Review Articles

Book Review:
Teach Yourself Writing a Novel and Getting Published
Reviewed by 
Damon M. Lord

Website Review: 
Project Pulp
Reviewed by 
Justin Stanchfield

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