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Lazette Gifford, Editor

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Issue# 6: 11/01/01


An Interview with Rob Chilson

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Memorial for 9/11/01

From Holly

What? Days Off?

Editor's Note

Why We Must Write

Holly's Workshop

Holidays in Hell and other delights


An Interview with 
Rob Chilson

Theme Articles

Holidays and Kids' Stories
by Justin Stanchfield

Creating Fictional Holidays
By Robert A. Sloan

Weather in Fiction
By Karen Pon

Weather and Worldbuilding 101
By Karen Pon

Flora Fauna Fiction
By Valerie Serdy

No Ordinary Days
By Lazette Gifford

Genre Articles

Defying Definition
By Sarah Jane Elliott 

Halloween: Breaking Down the Cliché
by R T Brown

Autumn in Poetry
By Jennifer St. Clair Bush

RPG Development
Fantasy Adventure Writing
By Christina Stiles

The Uses and Abuses of Mailing Lists 
By Anne M. Marble

Science Fiction:
Time and Holidays
By Bob Billing

Suspense & Mystery:
Short Mystery Fiction
By Ron Brown

Young Adult and Children: 
The Sad State of Children's Literature

Vicki McElfresh

Advanced Writing

Fair Use for Speculative Writers
By John Savage

The New Computer Health Risk
By Cassandra Ward

Three Views of WorldCon
Jae Brin, Lazette Gifford, Beth Adele Long

Slogging Through The Trenches
By Vicki McElfresh

Can you write a novel in…
By Jennifer St. Clair Bush

Review Articles

Book Review:
The Handbook of Short Story Writing, Volume II
By Jim Mills

Website Review: 
Creative Purrsuits' Writers' Rest Stop
By Lazette Gifford

Microsoft Encarta
By Valerie Serdy

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